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This week’s battle winner is 19-year-old Jin Young Choi who was born in South Korea, but moved to Berlin, Germany when he was about 10 years old. He says ”the fashion culture in Berlin is really diverse. You see a lot of different ethnicities here and they all seem to have different styles. But a lot of people here wear vintage and urban stuff and they usually like to wear classy too.” Jin started getting into fashion during his exchange year in the US. He found inspiration on instagram and also got help from his friend. ”A friend of mine in America showed me some shopping websites and I think that’s when I got into shopping,” he says. His number one fashion icon is @_gabrielgarcon , while he also looks up to Young Thug and Gray.


Jin says his style has changed from hypebeast to what it is today. He doesn’t categorize his style under any specific name, but he mostly goes for dark colors. ”Honestly I have a problem recognizing colors, which obviously makes it hard for me to choose outfits. So most of my clothes are i guess pretty dark,” he says. The winner’s last bit of advice: ”If you are struggling to find your own style, you should start just step by step to try to find what you like. Even when you are a man don’t be shy to buy in the women’s section. I honestly find a lot of good stuff there to wear. I think that mostly if you want to improve your style you should be creative and try a lot of things out. But the most important thing is to be yourself:)”