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The winner of this week's outfit battle is 22-year-old Davey Lieshout, who lives in a small city between The Hague and Rotterdam, in The Netherlands. He says "the culture in my city is almost nothing to nothing, there are a few individuals that love streetwear. In Amsterdam and the bigger cities the culture is really good and close to eachother. When everyone comes together for an event the vibes are on point!"


What inspired you to get into fashion? Are there any fashion icons you look up to?

"When i was young i always dressed like the rest of my friends but with my own twist to it. Later on, i started posting some outfits on instagram and people started following me. One day i ended up in a fashion whatsapp group with some good people from my country (which i’m still in). We started doing some meet ups and i became “someone” in the dutch fashion game."

"The people i look up to: @xcharlottejulia (my girlfriend), my close friends, @blvckmvnivc of course A$AP Rocky, @margielaboi @zainbadat @lordmyaka and honestly way too much too include here."

How would you describe your style now?

"My style is different each day i usually mix like 2 different vibes together. If i had to choose 2 styles i would be Classy & Street."


How would you say your style has changed and developed since you got into fashion?


"I was really into the skate culture when i was younger because i rode BMX everyday, so i dressed skinny jeans with big skate shirts. As i developed in to yeezys/off-white and all the hyped stuff, a lot of people started to dress like that, so i inspired myself with a lot of content on instagram and fashion weeks and i developed my own style. Also shout out to everyone that supported me throughout my adventure to find my own style."

What would you say you struggle with the most when it comes to fashion or is there something you find difficult?


"The only problem i have, i do like a lot of expensive stuff 😭😂. As i’m not working full time and still being at school (graduated 1 month ago). i usually looked at grailed or shopping vintage to get the same look for less!"


Do you have any specific go-to stores or brands when looking for clothing?

"I usually shop at Weekday, Zara sometimes has a few good pieces, this new london based brand @coldlaundry has caught my attention and their pieces are out of this world. I love shopping vintage when i’m in the mood because i lose my inspiration really fast when i’m surrounded by Party/carnival custumes 😂."

Do you have any advice that you would want to give to people who are looking to get into fashion or are struggling to find their own style? What would you tell someone who wants to improve their style?


"I don’t think you can improve your style, you can surely change it to the way that you like it more. I would say, search for what you like, look for specific things that you like, get those things for yourself and put your own twist to it! Don’t copy, never!"


"As long as you think it looks good on you, it usually does."