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The winner of this weeks outfit battle is 18-year-old Shirin, who lives in Cologne, Germany. In this interview, Shirin gives insights into her passion for fashion and gives valuable bits of advice to anyone interested in fashion out there!


What is the fashion/ streetwear culture like where you live? 


“There are lots  of stylish people in Cologne who dress in their own and unique way!”


What inspired you to get into fashion? Are there any fashion icons you look up to?

“Before, I was not so much interested in fashion as today, also I didn’t have and inspiration but now my inspirations are people such as @oanhdaqueen , @alvssa_ …”


How would you describe your style now?

“I don’t think that I have a certain name for my style 😅 I can often dress like a guy, but at the same time very feminine, I really like it. But also love to combine clothes, for example elegant pants or skirt with a sporty top or vise versa!”


How do you plan your photoshoots? Do you have a certain way you prepare for your shoots e.g. planning outfits and locations etc. in advance.

“In particular I don’t plan my shoots , most of the times the pictures are taken when I’m out with friends or others. Usually I  don’t have a particular shooting place in my mind.”


Do you have any specific go-to stores or brands when looking for clothing? What are your favourite clothing pieces?

“I don’t have specific stores where I buy my clothes from, mostly it’s just clothes from regular stores or Second-Hand shops. And my favorite clothing piece is probably my pants from marc o'polo :)“


Do you have any advice that you would want to give to people who are looking to get into fashion or are struggling to find their own style? What would you tell someone who wants to improve their style?


“At the End want to say that you just need to try change your style, don’t be afraid of how others will react to your change, because in the end, you do it for yourself! And it’s very important to reduce the combination of colors and the clothes themselves!”