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This week’s outfit battle winner is 23-year-old SoHo, who currently lives in the United States, but is originally from the Philippines. “I live in a city where they do not really appreciate the streetwear culture and fashion itself,” SoHo says. However, SoHo has always loved fashion and his style has evolved over the years.


The winner says, “different types of people and culture and rawness inspire me and my aesthetic. I have multiple different fashion icons; designers like Mugler, singers like Rihanna and Lady Gaga, and Drag Queens like Violet Chachki.” SoHo has never been a brand person and pays more attention to the beauty of the pieces and how they match his aesthetic. Some of SoHo’s go to stores include, ASOS, Dollskill and Zara. The winner’s last bit of advice is “BE YOURSELF. Do not follow the crowd but follow what YOU want. You’ll just know if it fits yourself and your personality