GROUP A Winner:

Beata Jacobsson


Instagram @beajacobsson

The winner of Group A is 19-year-old Beata Jacobsson, who lives in Malmö, Sweden. She says the streetwear in Malmö varies a lot “from very simple stuff to some people going for very colorful stuff.  I would say though that people overall aren’t as hypebeast as in many other cities, which I like. People also buy a lot of vintage stuff, which I also like since it’s good for so many things (such as the environment).”


What inspired you to get into fashion? Are there any fashion icons you look up to?


“I was inspired by social media a lot, and also by myself I have to say! I always felt a bit different than many teenagers my age in my area, I very early on listened to different music, and I just had other interests. So I started searching for clothes that felt more like me. My biggest fashion Icons are Rihanna, Regina Anikiy, Devon Lee Carlson, Ganna Bogdan and Tiffany Meia!”


How would you say your style has changed and developed since you got into fashion?


“I was always interested in fashion, when I was very little (around 6-12 years old) I used to change my outfit at least 3 times a day. It drove my mom insane, haha! She had to wash the clothes a lot, since at that age you usually stain your clothes all the time! When I became a teenager, I withdrew myself a lot more, because of ”fitting in”, which I now regret. I then started looking more into fashion that wasn’t as usual throughout my age, and I looked for pieces that were similar but maybe not as expensive! I really enjoyed watching every single fashion show I could get my hands on just to see how to possibly mix and match different colours and textures, even if the clothes themselves weren’t my style! I wasn’t brave enough to wear those types of clothes, so I found similar pieces, but in all black. That was my safe card for many years, and I even became known for wearing Only black throughout my friends and family, and at work! I just recently grew out of my comfort zone and started wearing more colours. I also have always been into drawing and sketching, so I make a lot of my own clothes. I draw a print, buy a one coloured piece, and print on it!”


How would you describe your style now?


“My style now is a bit of a mix, depending on my mood. I am a big jeans and t-shirt girl, and then I take it from there with accessories to make my outfits a little cooler. I like to wear a bucket hat, a lot of jewelry, a fun bag or a pop of color on my shoes! sometimes I might feel a little bit more girly, and I’ll wear a skirt and a tank top! But my key piece is always the same, sneakers! I wear sneakers everywhere! If I go to a fancy restaurant, I for example wear my silk slip dress in black, but I pair it with my black Nike air max 95 sneakers!”


What would you say you struggle with the most when it comes to fashion or is there something you find difficult?(Don’t have to answer if you can’t think of anything) And how do you try to overcome this?


“I honestly struggle a lot with color! And I always have, I tend to fall back to my black clothes a lot. What I do to somewhat challenge myself, is buy clothes that are similar in style to my black ones, but in color!”


Do you have any specific go-to stores or brands when looking for clothing?


“My go to brands are Nike (especially for sneakers, only own Nike sneakers), weekday, & other stories (especially for basic key pieces) and acne studios if I want to buy something a little more designer!”


Do you have any advice that you would want to give to people who are looking to get into fashion or are struggling to find their own style? What would you tell someone who wants to improve their style?


“My biggest advice would be to wear clothes you feel comfortable in! If you like a certain style, but you don’t feel comfortable in the pieces, you can always buy something similar or “diy” something that is comfortable to you. And match your bag to your shoes for an easy cool look ;)”