GROUP C Winner:

Ignace Sannen


Instagram @ignacesannen

The Winner of Group C is 18-year-old @ignacesannen from Belgium. He love fashion, travelling and photography, and enjoys combining these three together. For example, in his photos. He likes to be creative and tries to learn from others. "Oh, i'm also an ordinary boy who loves parties and Netflix, hit me up with some good series ;)"

What inspired you to get into fashion? Are there any fashion icons you look up to?


“Clothing is a way to express who we are and I also enjoyed experimenting with different items of clothing. So I just started working on my own style. I’m mainly inspired by unknown people because well-known people mostly wear way too expensive things that I don't really care about.”


How would you say your style has changed and developed since you got into fashion?


“Oh boyyy, much better for sure! I have evolved from a more normal boring style to a more vintage streetwear style. I started to wear clothes in different ways, like a t-shirt above a sweater instead of the other way around, and started wearing accessories such as rings and chains. ”


How would you describe your style now?


“I would probably say vintage/streetwear vibes.”


Do you have any specific go-to stores or brands when looking for clothing?


“Wherever I am, I always go to vintage/thrift stores. It’s cheaper and you will find really beautiful pieces. But I also go shopping in stores such as Weekday, Asos and Urban outfitters. Ps: My love for vintage nike, adidas, etc. is quite big”

Do you have any advice that you would want to give to people who are looking to get into fashion or are struggling to find their own style? What would you tell someone who wants to improve their style?


“First you have to figure out what you like. Look in different (new) stores, look at other people... Then you have to experiment. You have to figure out what suits you and what doesn't. Be inspired by people with the same taste and only wear things that you like and not because other people like it! It took me 2 years to find my style, so don't be in a rush, you’ll get there. Golden tip: Just wear what you want."