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The 19-year-old battle winner Joe Watkins comes from Pittsburgh, USA. Joe’s hobbies include thrift shopping/fashion, sports and listening to music. He says the overall fashion/streetwear culture in Pittsburgh isn’t too strong at the moment, but there are many individuals with amazing style. Joe doesn’t exactly know what got him into fashion. “I kind of just fell into the hobby in October last year and it just grew as a passion,” he says. Some fashion icons he looks up to include @darion_famous and @3ooo_. He describes his current style as unpredictable and it has changed a lot. “I still haven’t found a specific style to key in on so I really just wear whatever comes to mind or if I see something that I’m inspired by I’ll wear that,” he says. He has learned a lot about putting different colors together and he’s gained a lot of confidence in the clothes he wears. He doesn’t have any go to stores when it comes to clothing, but he loves to shop at a thrift store called @shopzeds 

Joe's advice:
“My best advice if you’re looking to get into fashion is to just try new things. Don’t be afraid to wear a weird pair of pants or a strange shirt. Also thrift shopping is a great way to go if you’re just beginning. Even if you decide you don’t like what you bought at least you only spent $2 for a t shirt and not $40. As for improving style, I would say over time, invest in different styles of clothes. Try to get a lot of different colors too so that if you can almost always match your outfits or color block them. Ultimately, your style is up to you, you decide how you want to wear what you want to wear. Your completely in control, be great,” the winner says.