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The winner of this week’s outfit battle is 19 year old Khalid Hussain. He lives in Saudi Arabia where he says street fashion isn’t very popular as most people dress in traditional clothing. He became interested in fashion when he received compliments from his peers about the way he dressed. He says, “My friends and people who follow me on instagram told me that I have a good eye when choosing colors and clothes to dress in. This is what made me excited about street fashion.”


He also told us that his fashion icons, who include Tyler the Creator, Leo Mandella and Pharrell Williams, inspired him further to get into fashion. Khalid’s style has developed a lot and he especially enjoys playing around with colours and coordinating his outfits with the background in his photos. He also had some advice for anyone who wants to get more into fashion: “First of all trust yourself. Then find inspiration by having a look at what other people are doing with clothes. Don’t copy what others are doing. You can take ideas from other people but try to develop your own style. Try to find people to help you with pictures and with their opinions. Some people who weren’t expected to succeed now have thousands of followers. Maybe you can be one of them!”