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15-year-old Joshua Guerrero lives in Los Angeles, where the fashion is diverse and constantly keeps changing. Joshua loves to express his creativity and fashion is one outlet that lets him express himself. He has always loved fashion and putting outfits together, but ”about a year ago when I came into highschool and didn’t have to wear a uniform, that is when I really dove deep into fashion,” he says. Joshua doesn’t categorize his fashion into a specific style and just wears what he likes, but leans towards urban, vintage, streetwear and soft aesthetic.


He mostly gets his fashion inspiration from instagram and his go-to stores include mostly thrift stores, urban outfitters and pacsun. He says ”I don’t usually go for a specific brand because being able to find clothes that actually fit me are very challenging because of my height and body type.” Joshua’s last bit of advice: ”Just experiment with clothes! After all, fashion is all about experimenting with clothes. So that would definitely be my number one advice and from there you will begin to have a sense of what you like and don’t like in terms of style of clothing.”