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This week’s winner is 19-year-old aspiring filmmaker Tanya from Bristol, England. She currently does art, photography, and is also beginning to design and make her own clothes! She says Bristol isn’t the most diverse place in terms of fashion and it is difficult to find people that share the same passion for fashion as she does. Regardless, she has always had a desire to look different. ”I try hard to wear stuff that looks like no one elses. That’s what increased my interest in fashion and brands as the concepts and pieces designers come up with are unique!” Tanya says her style has developed a lot. “I used to be a hypebeast who tried to wear all branded items like Supreme, Versace and Fendi,” the winner says.


She then realised this is not what fashion is about. She says “chucking brands together isn’t style at all, going into a shop buying cheap items and making them look just as good as high end brands is way more rewarding and that’s what real fashion is! You don’t need big brands to look good. I buy what I can afford now and just wear whatever I feel comfortable in and what suits my personality.” She likes to shop on Depop, smaller online stores and thrift stores. Her last bit of advice is: “Don’t try dress to impress others, just dress to impress yourself! Wear whatever you feel comfortable in! Wear stuff that expresses you as a person, items that showcase your personality. Clothes are the first thing people see on a person so it’s nice to get an insight on what that persons about :)”