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This week’s outfit battle winner is 22 year old Tomo from England. He grew up in Tokyo but moved to England where he says “some people are very judgmental but the key is to not care and wear what you want.” He got into fashion out of his own interest and says he looks up to fashion icons such as Virgil Abloh and Val Kristopher. Tomo’s style has developed a lot since he got into fashion, mostly due to him wanting to feel more comfortable in his clothes. He told us “My style definitely went from streetwear to more of a minimal style just to be more comfortable with what I wear.”


He also wanted to give some advice: “I know it’s difficult to be confident but the key is to wear what you want and I think that’s the meaning of Fashion instead of what society tells you to wear. But if you need some inspiration, I think Instagram is where I always find ideas etc.”