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The winner of this week's outfit battle is 22-year-old Charlotte. She lives in Hilverum, a small city in the Netherlands. She says, "in Hilversum most people don’t really have a personal style. People dress like each other, like we see on mannequins in fast-fashion stores. In big cities like Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam people stand out more and are not afraid to have a different style and wear fashion pieces that are striking."


What inspired you to get into fashion? Are there any fashion icons you look up to?


"I’ve always been into fashion. Since I was little I always watched fashion designer and modeling competition shows, and on youtube I always watched high fashion brands shows. I dreamed to be a model and wear those outstanding pieces, but I’m not motivated enough to watch my diet and work out. 🙄 My big fashion icons on Instagram are @blvckd0pe, @Mariecher, @yvzux and I recently caught my eye on @katelanpell’s page, I absolutely love her style and color combinations."


How would you describe your style now?


"Clean and minimal. I’m really a perfectionist when it comes to clothes and styling, I want everything to look and sit right especially when I take pictures haha. 🤪 Most of the time I get irritated when something isn’t looking right in a picture, which results in not posting daily, but I’m working on it!!! My boyfriend @d.ave.y helps me to stop looking at things like a perfectionist. 😂"


How would you say your style has changed and developed since you got into fashion?


"When I was younger I really wanted to stand out and have people to look at me. So I started changing my hair color a lot and get multiple piercings. I realized that people wouldn’t only look at me with a crazy hair color and a face full of bling. But that I can also turn peoples heads with styling different clothing pieces together that normally people wouldn’t do. Also, accessories are the key to make your look more outstanding! ✨"


What would you say you struggle with the most when it comes to fashion or is there something you find difficult?


"Wooow okay, you see, I like a lot of clothes and want to buy it all, but I can also be bored by pieces that I bought, really fast.. I can say I’m a shopping-addict for sure. I try to buy minimal clothes and different colors so I will wear it multiple times, then just only once and leave it sad in my closet that doesn’t have anymore space.. 😟"


Do you have any specific go-to stores or brands when looking for clothing?


"Mostly I shop at Weekday, Mango, Zara and Bershka!"


Do you have any advice that you would want to give to people who are looking to get into fashion or are struggling to find their own style? What would you tell someone who wants to improve their style?


"I think over the passed years we’ve seen a lot of different styles, pieces that were really a thing in the past are coming back now and in the future. What I’m saying is, that you can’t dress wrong. It’s important that you dress which you feel comfortable in and what you think looks good on you. Try not to copy people but create your own great style! 💞 Personally I mix up classy with street and hope people like it as much as I do. 😬"